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Club innovation & recherche

Presentation of the school

Established jointly by Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and a Consortium of French Schools of Engineering in Chemistry from Gay-Lussac Federation (Chimie Paristech – PSL University, Centrale Lille Institut, CPE Lyon, ENSGTI Pau and Toulouse INP ENSIACET), Paris Curie Engineer School/Chimie Pékin is the first Sino-French cooperation institute in chemistry in China, approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2017. Chimie Pekin started in September 2017, currently around 80 students are admitted each year.

Relying on the know-how of BUCT and the French Engineering Schools in chemistry in teaching and in research, Paris Curie Engineer School/Chimie Pékin introduces the French engineering education system which aims to train highly qualified engineers in 6 years (3 years of preparatory cycle and 3 years of engineering cycle) in a multicultural environment, multidisciplinary skills, innovation spirit, communication competences in multiple languages and ability to adapt in various professional environments.

Research & Innovation Club

Thanks to a high-level and complementary cooperation between Chinese and French Engineering Schools, Paris Curie Engineer School has created an international teaching environment with highly qualified French and Chinese professors.

In order to improve student’s ability of creation and exploration through practice, Paris Curie Engineer School proposes cooperation with Chinese and International companies including conferences by professional speakers, forums organization, internships proposals, innovation & research projects.

Associated services

By joining our “Research and Innovation” Club, companies will be able to promote research cooperation with the support of the academic and technical background from our School, and to have access to high quality talent resources for internships and recruitment.

Paris Curie Engineer School/Chimie Pékin will provide support andguarantees for our member companies in the following domains:

-       Member of the Scientific Committee

-       Internship and job description announcements to students

-       Participation to campus job fairs for recruitment and promotion

-       Privileged access to students for job interviews and recruitments

-       Cooperation with school’s engineering professors for R&D projects

-       Establishing joint laboratory

-       Organization of keynote lectures

-       Organization of company’s visits