Recrutement international

About Paris Curie Engineer School

Founded in 2017, Paris Curie Engineer School (also called “Chimie Pékin”) is a chemistry engineering school at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. As a Sino-French institution, Chimie Pékin was established on the model of French engineering school. 


The school is issued from a partnership between BUCT and a consortium of French chemistry engineering schools of the Gay Lussac Federation (Chimie Paristech, Centrale Lille Institut, CPE Lyon, ENSGTI Pau and Toulouse INP ENSIACET).


Chimie Pékin aims at providing its students a complete engineering education from Bachelor to Master degree with a fully international vision.


Program Overview

Based on the principles of French engineering model, Chimie Pékin has adapted its program to meet the requirements of French & Chinese educations. 

The curriculum is divided into a three-year fundamental cycle which is based on French prepatory classes and a three-year engineering cycle. Students will get a BUCT Bachelor diploma and a BUCT Master diploma after studying at the school. 


The BUCT master's degree will be accredited by the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs) and graduated students of this master will automatically get a French engineer title.


Program length

- Four years for Bachelor degree

- Three years for Master degree